Holy Week Devotionals

Easter season is upon us, and I have written these devotionals for us to use during this time. Each day’s devotional contains a Scripture passage and a main thought, as we look at Jesus and the dramatic events of Passion Week.  Each day recounts what most likely happened that very day of the week in Jerusalem.  In those events, we see different aspects of the pain Christ suffered prior to His crucifixion.  May this be a time of reflection for each of us, as we try to grasp what was happening in Jerusalem and in the greater unfolding of God’s eternal plan.  I truly pray that each one of us will come to a deeper understanding of what happened that week, and what it means to us individually. May the Lord Jesus bless you and may His presence be so very real to each of us, as we seek Him during this season. As you begin, maybe you would like to pray the prayer I have been praying, from Henri Nouwen in Show Me the Way: Readings for each Day of Lent.

God, You have told us

To listen to Your Beloved Son

Nourish us with Your word and cleanse the eyes of our spirit

So that we may know Your glory.

We ask this through Jesus Christ, our Lord.

Susie Hawkins

April 2, 2001 (revised March 16, 2008)

Holy Week - Introduction:

What a beginning to the Passover season in Jerusalem! The week began with the entry of Jesus into the city on the back of a donkey, amid the cries of hosanna and praises to God.  But there was also great tension and fear in this particular year….tension between the Pharisees and the followers of Jesus, as well as political tensions between the Jews and the hated Romans.  And in the mix was also the religious fervor of the Jews, celebrating their most holy season, the Passover feast. You can imagine the narrow streets overflowing with visiting Jews, planning their excursions to the Temple Mount, children squealing, merchants loudly bartering their wares - all amid noise, confusion, anticipation and a degree of fear.

It is in that atmosphere that Jesus begins His last week on this earth, entering Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. He was crucified on Friday (according to tradition) and resurrected on Sunday. Philip Yancey says of that time, “The might of the world, the most sophisticated religious system of its time allied with the most powerful political empire, arrays itself against a solitary figure, the only perfect man who has ever lived.”

Holy Week Devotionals

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